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7 things you should do in branding for your digital products

Most times people judge things or people by their appearance. The brand of your digital products is the most critical image that makes your brand stand out immediately when a user looks at your App Store page. Likewise, as we do with people, we mostly judge digital products instantly and based on our first impressions. Those early moments are important if you want to catch the users’ attention. So, how can you achieve this goal? through branding for your digital product. 

What Is Branding?

Branding means anything or images based on values you come to be known for, that enable your main audience to recognize your business very fast. It also includes your communication on social media, your expression of voice, customer service and especially the design of your website, your logo and other pictorial aspects of your brand. Things like the fonts affect how people perceive or see your brand. Branding just means how the world sees you.

 What is Digital branding?

Digital branding, on the contrary, tells you how you reach your target audience’s mind through using digital media. Most of the leveraging digital products are digital design collateral, applications, social media and websites etc.

Digital branding involves technology and marketing strategies like advertisements, social media marketing, and many other online channels. However, digital branding simply means just taking your branding to your target audience present on digital media.

What is Brand recognition?

Brand recognition simply means the way people and customers can recognize a brand by its features or attributes. Building brand recognition for new companies requires a lot of effort and it goes beyond creating brand awareness. You need to create a brand that will also be recognized by customers.

The most significant question which we can be raised is: Do you know how you can make your digital product recognizable?

Here are the seven tips put together to help you get digital branding right so you can earn recognition and create a presence with your audience. 

  1. Understand  Your Brand

You have to first believe and understand your brand first before others can. You need to have a sincere knowledge of what your message is. If you try to brand your product but you don’t have any understanding or you have less knowledge about what the brand stands for,  you and your team will eventually make poor marketing and product decisions. 

There are various ways you can know your brand, Firstly, recognize the key values your brand needs to represent. Two, ask yourself what is the scope of your product? Thirdly, where will your brand stand in the next ten years? and the list goes on…

This will give you ideas on how to design your product and how to improve your customer service so that it suits your branding. 

  1. Study Your Competitors and Your Audience

Researching about your competitors and audience is the next thing you need to do if you’re building a brand for your product. However, If you want your brand to be unique and loved by your audience,  you need to be informed of what and who you’re up against. This will help you to have a better understanding of how other brands communicate with their audiences. The unique role they play to make their brand famous. For example, what do their visuals look like? What’s their content like? How do they reach their digital marketing? Or the platforms your competitor uses to convert leads.

       Although if you are confused about building your brand, studying other businesses will give you a sense of direction and you will know which paths are better for you. Based on this research you will be able to create a method for your marketing and know how to brand your digital products.  

  1. Invest in a Logo that Interprets Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Logos are one of the key factors for your digital products. You want your brand to be recognised and be known all over the world, investing in great logos is the magic you need.  It helps you to identify your product, values, and uniqueness in the blink of an eye. Look at how much you recognize apple products by looking at the Apple logo. So, logos are like a signature mark for your brand. They help you grab attention quickly within a couple of seconds and a logo can do that for your brand. 

            Furthermore, since logos serve as a major key in branding for your digital  If anything, you will want to utilize the effective such function by investing in good logos.

  1. Use Color to Your Benefit

Using tone and voice is a significant part of digital branding, just like logos is very important, using colour is also very important. 

They speak the language that can capture your audience’s heart, Create and sustain a brand-specific colour or palette, and endeavor to always represent it in all of your marketing materials. 

Most times the use of a signature colour alone can increase brand recognition by 70%. So, without a doubt, colour is one of the most valuable branding components you can decide on. Choose a good colour today. 

  1. Provide Great Customer Service

Referrals are another key factor in branding your products. Customers might not always recall a positive customer service experience, but will always keep a negative one. Your customers are the main force for your business; fulfilling and meeting their needs means you will build a strong foundation for your business. Most booming businesses build confidence in their customer base to entrust them for the services or digital products they are providing and in doing this happy customers suggest their brand to others and help promote your business across various channels, especially on social media apps.

        Invest in your business’s customer service efforts so that everyone walks away feeling that your brand cares and builds a community of happy customers.

  1. Use The Theme That Catches Attention

A digital product theme illustrates the creativity and the taste in selecting a colour scheme for your brand. To have a very impressive and attractive digital product, you need to ensure that you select a theme that suits your website logos, widgets, structure, design layout and overall web/app appearance.

Furthermore, using several illustrations on your landing page can rapidly draw your consumer’s attention, and they start scrolling and navigating through your digital product. Everyone likes an orderly, attractive, and fully operating product that will meet their needs.

  1. Social Media, Marketing & Content

One of the ways you make your product reach your target audience easily is through marketing or advertising.  This is one of the major areas many brands don’t take into account, most times they ignore what role does their marketing strategy play in their branding. Occasionally people think that branding is only for the product or image aspect of their product. 

Yet everything your brand does (advertisement, email communication, marketing, posts another form of content) is branding because it can influence the customer experience. 

There are various ways to advertise your product online. Most companies go through Tv channels or use social media and YouTube to reach out to the world.  This makes your product reach your target audience easily, so possibilities are great to convert your web visitors into customers.

People say  “Content is King” because a profitable digital branding strategy depends on it. Content is everything you see on the internet, without content your brand will lose its uniqueness because it helps to boost conversions. The content, structure, headlines, logos, tone and style, and many other things, entirely captivate or disinterest your visitors. Make your content visually rich so that you don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate your success.


 Understanding and knowing how branding works for your brand is the major key factor in bringing your brand to your target audience all around the world. The right branding can turn customers into loyal followers who will share your business with their friends, colleagues and family. 

However, if you need any assistance with creating your website, your visual identification or building and branding your digital products, you can count on us to get in touch with our team and let this process start by Contacting us!

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