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8 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2022

Have you ever seen a great Website that has a captivating Web design?

Web design is always evolving, and you can’t watch and not catch up with the trends. 

A great website design creates a strong online presence for your brand while supporting customers’ needs. It also helps with brand awareness. If your website looks obsolete, old, or out of touch, its design will make visitors run without looking back and onto your competitors’ sites. 

What is a design?

Design can be defined as a plan that specifies what something will look like and how it will work. But the totality of a design is much wider than that and includes considering the best look and appeal that deliver qualities of attractiveness and glamour.

A great design can draw any person and fascinates them, making them want more.

When looking into web page design, you can apply the same principles. You want a website that is active and responsive while also being attractive. Like design trends in fashion or architecture, web design trends in 2022 will always evolve, considering changes in taste and style.

 Let’s dive into it! 

What is Web Design?

Web design is the skill of planning and organising content on a website so it can be shared and shown on the internet with the world. 

As technology advances, so does the focus on design aspects influencing sales conversions and the overall user experience. 

This means you must always keep up with the trends so that your website can attract the right people by regularly updating your website using these industry web design trends for 2022 and beyond.

Let’s take a look at them! 

  1. Vibrant  Animation

Without animation, your design will look dull. Design is becoming more active through the use of animation. A great animation produces magical importance that draws users into the site and makes them want to know more about a company. 

It helps express complex ideas and adds some personality to a site. 

However, if you use more minor touches like navigation or full-blown creative effects, it allows people to respond to movement and interaction to gain a feeling of curiosity about what comes next on the page.

In website designs this year,  animated designs have evolved to add interactivity.

  1. Brutalism

What is a great Web Design without brutalism?  

Brutalism prioritises clarity and functionality, which helps the user experience stand. Talking about a design movement ruling over the web these days is abstract or brutalism design, which gives you various textures, collages, and images to create an overall look and feel. 

Moreover, to look different amid organised websites, some designers go for more diverse structures. This shocked many initially, but many popular brands are now integrating these eclectic alternative design elements into their pages. 

In 2022, designers are striking with the best design aesthetics to give them an asymmetrical, nonconformist visual and a distinct lack of hierarchy and order.

  1. Extra Color

Design is a graphic tool. This makes it more appealing that website design is trending toward more eye-catching strategies, like using colour, which can communicate brand recognition.

 In 2022 and in years to follow, anticipate more colour or variances in tone, contrast, tint, and shade. Colour has many functions which have been impactful over the years and touch people at an emotional level. Don’t be surprised when you see more palettes that play with cultural context. Colour is a unique trend for any Web design. 

  1. Unique Serif Fonts 

To have clean websites, serif fonts are needed, and this is due to screen resolution limitations and an overall lack of online font support. With new improvements, serif fonts had a big moment in 2021.

However,  last year was all about big and bold serifs; 2022 is ushering in more unique, thinner, light serifs, according to Monotype’s 2022 Type Trends Report.

A unique serif font on your website will bring back a sense of beauty and improvement to many sites. Think Libre Baskerville, Anton, Georgia, and Palatino. This trend adds sophistication to a brand. 

  1. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric shapes have been famous recently and have come to stay in 2022, gaining momentum. Companies like Slack and others are accepting this trend. Giving bold shapes mixed with interesting colours to catch attention. 

They help to direct visitors’ attention to certain products.  Examples are Whimsical patterns and shapes that pop up more frequently on websites, or  Canadian design studio uses daring, patterned letters on their homepage. 

  1. Broken Grids

 This convention-defying technique can make standard website pages or sections more engaging.  

It enables designers to connect users with special but visually-engaging page arrangements. Moreover, grids remain one of the most common and creative ways of displaying website text and images. Broken Grids continue to make their way into mainstream sites and deliver a change-up from the regular.

 Examples are; manuscript, column, and baseline. You can try this convention technique for your site and extra emphasis to your page. 

  1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs can assist in drawing the visitor’s eye around the page, even in the most difficult layouts. 

Cinemagraphs are made by mixing a short video with one still frame. They have become a common way to add movement and visual interest to otherwise static pages. 

Simple scenes always make the best cinematography, mostly something that will loop easily, such as the motion of stirring coffee or pouring liquids. 

If you like GIF animation, then cinemagraph is what you need for your website, giving you a product of still photos with small elements moving on.

  1. Overlapping Text and Images

 Overlapping text and images help maximise space on the page. 

Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios. In 2022, designers have been using these trends for their site, giving it a proper balance between textual and visual content. 


Your website helps you communicate with the world. If you haven’t updated and upgraded your site in the last year, you are letting your visitors miss out on the latest trends.  

Although you don’t need to include all of these trends to build one of the best website designs in 2022, you can add some main components that can improve your site’s UX significantly, leading to higher engagement, more traffic and a better outcome for your online business.

At Soar digital we help hundreds of businesses to build and grow their brands; using the latest web design trends.

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