About Us

Founded in 2020, Soar has grown to be a thriving online community with a simple mission to empower individuals and serve as a launch pad for people seeking to break into Product.

Soar connects individuals with resources, mentors and workshops that allow them to grow and reach their full potential.

From inspiring success stories to practical advice and exclusive events and workshops, Soar Community is where dreams take flight, and members soar to new heights in their personal and professional endeavours.

Our members are spread across different countries. Looking for an authentic product community that will inspire you and ignite your passion? Join us!

Soar Logo: Tip of an eagle's wing in a black circle

Our Core Values

The foundation of our great community


Embrace your uniqueness and shine authentically within our supportive community


Build strong connections rooted in trust, transparency, and mutual respect


Together, we achieve more – fostering collaboration to fuel collective success.


Empathy fuels our understanding, support, and connection within our diverse community.

The amazing team leading our community

Community Managers

Omoniyi Oni

Founder – Soar Network

Robinson Mgbah

Product Engineer – Volvo Group

May Temi

Product Leader – POB

David Diken

Product Marketing  – Zarttech

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