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How to Create a Digital PRODUCT

Ever wondered how people make money online using their skills? I am sure you would have thought about it many times, and the thought of making money online by sharing what you have has crossed your mind.

Or do you have a valuable skill or have knowledge about a subject and want to share that idea with the world? 

Creating a digital product is a great way to do that and still earn an income.

In recent times, the digital market has grown exponentially, and several people have found an opportunity to start an online business by selling their products or teaching online. Entrepreneurs launch new e-books or skills, online courses, podcasts, and mentorships daily.

Making money online has changed drastically and is no longer a game of setting up banner ads or sponsored content from your favourite brands. These are all great practicable monetisation strategies, but that’s not where the real money will flow in the future.

You need to start looking at the direction of how you can sell digital products with your business. Studies have shown that selling digital products is the best and most attractive online business.

What is a digital product? 

A digital product is any product in digital form sold over the Internet that a consumer can purchase and use online.  These are files that a customer downloads on his smartphone or a computer. 

Examples of digital products are:

  • Ebook;
  • NFTs
  • Infographics
  • Mobile apps
  • Video classes
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Online courses

Why create digital products?

  1. For Scalability: it helps you reach a much larger audience without working any harder or accumulating more cost.
  2. Modest income: it helps make a living online.
  3. Low startup cost helps you start with the little money at hand. 

 Digital products greatly influence various skills, like cooking, personal development, business, fashion, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and many more. 

At Soar Digital, we have helped hundreds of businesses to build and grow their businesses, having laid a solid foundation for achieving the best result in the digital world.

Let’s get started?

Creating a successful digital product takes thinking, planning, researching, and commitment. But it doesn’t suggest that it’s difficult to achieve it.

Let’s look at these important steps to help you create a great digital product you sell over the Internet.

  1. Conclude on the topic you want to talk about

To create a digital product, you first need to specify the subject you want to talk about. Endeavour to talk about something you have great knowledge about or are skilled in more than the average person.

 This will allow you to create and deliver something suitable for your audience.

If you insist on a subject you’re not very knowledgeable about; you might need partners to develop the digital product. This can help you reduce the workload and can also increase creation costs. So think carefully before starting any topic you want to discuss.

  1.  Establish the best format for your product

The ability to determine the content’s format gives your products their uniqueness. 

Presently, different possible formats are available like video classes, ebooks and podcasts.

Most product formats will depend on three factors:

  • The resources available (e.g. Camera, cash, editing system, etc.)
  • The interest of the target audience.
  • The subject’s capacity to adapt.

Choose the best format that works for you and create it. Selecting the right format for your product is important because It’s likely that the same content could be greatly successful as an online course but flop as an eBook and vice versa. 

The key to determining how to structure, organise and format your product should be based on your content. 

Your content will guide you in picking the best format. Ask questions like is it Easy to understand? More appealing? Or More effective?

  1. Examine your competitors’ products

You can’t create digital products without analysing your competitor’s products. You can’t create digital products without analysing your competitor’s products. So you must check out who’s selling something similar at a price?

Knowing your competitors’ products will help you understand your products. Select two or three competitors and learn from them; this will help you see the elapses you need to fix. Try never to copy them, but make a way better product than your competitors; create a more specific solution for a subset of the people in that market. 

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  1. Create a buyer persona

What is a digital product without a buyer? So, before you create your first products, you need to know your target audience better.?

You need to ask questions like;

  1. Who will buy your product?
  2. What do they expect?
  3. How much are they willing to pay?

To get these answers, you must study your target audience and know their most common traits, like age, location, gender, and social and marital status. 

However, this just means creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is an imaginary person, a perfect representative of buyers, with a name, age, gender, story, etc. The idea is to create a personality representing who will buy your product. Study your consumer and create one for yourself.

  1. Put in some work

A good idea for a digital product isn’t enough without putting it into action. To create a small action plan, you must practice for good performance and productivity. Practice everything about your products and know if your digital products can be divided into sub-steps or adjustments in creating your products. 

The answer to this question at the end gives you several necessary steps to conclude your digital product creation. This will make your work more effective and productive.

6.  Determine your sales platform

There’s a long road between the creation and the first sale of the digital product. However, as you plan your idea from the beginning, it is advisable to keep in mind the platform through which you’ll be selling your product.

Furthermore, it’s proper to be a free and complete platform to host and sell digital products so that you can worry only about your course’s content. You can survey using different platforms to know the one that works for your products.

 Examples are Email Marketing, posting on social media Or even identifying specific people and sending them a message. You can offer them free access to the finished product in return for them filling out a few surveys about your products, and these answers will show how they felt about your product, which will help you choose the best sales platform for your products. 

For specific goals, it’s crucial to rely on a well-known, trustworthy platform in the market. 

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With all we have discussed and listed above, you can see that creating digital products requires much work and effort. Before you create a digital product, you need to know a few subjects, from knowing your customers, competitors, main formats, and many more. 

But, after you’ve analysed everything, you’ll need to work and put your idea into practice. Only with practice will you be able to see if your idea is something that can be profitable, and with this, you can create something big the world is waiting for.

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