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Why Developers prefer Mac to Windows

I work closely with developers, and of course, all of them own Mac PCs with one of them being the latest owner who recently switched from Windows. You don’t want to imagine how happy he is, I’m confident he’d protect that PC with his life if need be.

One too many times, I’ve heard engineers refer to their Mac PCs as ‘My baby’​ and never have I heard a Windows user say that. It’s not fair, Windows deserves some love too, I feel bad for the PC.

I quite understand why engineers prefer the Mac PC, it is so perfect, the user interface and experience is out of this world and it just makes everything seamless from navigation to interaction

Physical features aside, Apple builds quality, all you have to do is get yourself one of the Macs and you can be rest assured that the PC will serve you for close to a decade, if not more without any glitch.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why programmers choose the Mac over Windows and others

  • No interruptions: When using a Mac PC, you will encounter little or no interruptions at all unlike when using Windows, you get notifications of all kinds, if not for an update, it will be for something else. These interruptions don’t make coding fun. When writing codes, focus is highly needed and the Mac PC is a focus catalyst in this case.
  • Long- lasting: Buying yourself a Mac PC is like investing in a business without risks, because you will definitely get your ROI after a couple of gigs, could be a freelance gig or a full time job as an engineer. The MacBook can last you for an entire decade and even more. Would you have gotten your capital back (the amount you spent to get it)? Yes, of course and all you have to do is enjoy the fruit of your labour (lol).
  • Multitasking: Have you ever stared on an engineer’s screen? Oh My, they are never on one thing at a time. If not switching from VS Code to GitHub, they are deploying on dev and testing, what about pulling, pushing and merging? I shouldn’t begin to say, my ears are full of these terms so much that I can even call myself a programmer already without knowing how to code. No, wait, I actually do know how to code, yeah, a little, let’s just call me a dropout software engineer. The point is that the Mac PC allows multitasking to be easy, smooth and seamless, there are dedicated features that help multitask.
  • Attacks: While it is very common to hear of cases of malware attacks on Windows PC, you hardly hear such when it comes to the Mac. The reason for this being the fact that there are too many users of the Windows PC, therefore users are easy targets. 
  • Better Integrations: The Software and Hardware of the Mac OS was designed to make integrations easy. Every action you take is optimized and everything goes fine. This feature is like the best feature of the Mac PC. Apple has done well to design both hardware and software by themselves as against what Windows did by building the software and contracting the hardware part to third party companies.
  • Building Native Apps: As a mobile software engineer, if you don’t own a Mac PC, it is impossible to develop IOS apps, reason for this being that the X code environment which is peculiar to IOS cannot run on a Windows PC

In conclusion, the Mac PC is the best gadget that can happen to an engineer, I’m not saying Windows is not totally worth it, many programmers use it and it works for them. It is left to you to choose which helps you work better.

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